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Three beautiful Ways to Create Peace this

Holiday Season


Ah, the holidays…they can be joyful, but stressful and leave you feeling in need some rest. Set an intention to move through this season with grace and ease and avoid getting swept up in the hustle and bustle of other’s expectations or the harshness of our own. When we rush and overextend, perhaps by giving into others’ ideas of how to spend our time, we become stressed. Creating more peace and freedom depends on you, so become free by letting go of the past and become at peace by releasing the future and allow yourself to be more present by doing what feels amazing to you.

There are some simple ways that we can allow more peace and harmony to be present in our lives this holiday season.

1. Create Sacred Space.

Set up a special sacred space just for you. A place that helps you quiet your mind, soothe your soul, where you breathe deeply and meditate. I have a sacred space that I’ve created that is a temple for me. It is simply a small octagon room that exists in the turret of my building. Winter is the ideal time to go within. And December is magical month for manifesting and setting intentions for the new year. Energy builds upon itself and each time you feel good in your space, it just gets better and better. Even if you choose a corner of the home or clean your car and create an alter or a focal point of that which reminds you that you are sacred and well. In doing this, you let the universe know that you are honoring yourself here and now.

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2. Positive Attitude

Wherever you are or whatever you do, make a powerful choice, to have a positive attitude and be stay present. Be aware of competition and judgments that you have yourself or that others are expressing. Practice being in a place of neutrality and remember that all is perfect in its own way. If someone is not pleasant, then don’t spend time with them. The time of martyrdom is over, however, if you find yourself in this situation, by being in neutral, you may simply observe it without becoming attached to it. This is why its good to meditate each morning in your sacred space and set the ‘tone’ or vibration of the day!

3. Say ‘No’.

Saying no to all the extra duties and obligations is not always a bad thing. Be a ‘yes’ Kind of Human and you’ll find that you have much more energy and service to give of yourself to others. Doing things out of obligation, never serves anyone and agreeing to everything that’s asked of us causes undue stress. People will feel it from you like a siren, even if you don’t express it. If you find yourself feeling obligated to your family, go to your sacred space more often, so that you can move through these emotions and ask what is your highest and next best step to serve. Usually, it will be to take care of yourself first, so that the good vibrations can go out into the world. Everyone will be much better off because of this.


Golden Ball technique:

This helps with number 2 and 3 and you can begin practicing this form your sacred space each day. I use this technique that keeps me centered and in neutrality. I do this by allowing myself to focus my energy into the very center of my head and see a golden ball move out slowly moving all thoughts out of my head that are not mine or not serving me. I then move the ball into a smaller size to the center of my head and keep it there as my center of neutrality and you can use any tone with your voice, if you would like. It’s a practice that has assisted me for several years now to stay out of ‘reaction mode’.


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