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Holiday Season


Ah, the holidays…they can be joyful, but stressful and leave you feeling in need some rest. Set an intention to move through this season with grace and ease and avoid getting swept up in the hustle and bustle of other’s expectations or the harshness of our own. When we rush and overextend, perhaps by giving into others’ ideas of how to spend our time, we become stressed. Creating more peace and freedom depends on you, so become free by letting go of the past and become at peace by releasing the future and allow yourself to be more present by doing what feels amazing to you.

There are some simple ways that we can allow more peace and harmony to be present in our lives this holiday season.

1. Create Sacred Space.

Set up a special sacred space just for you. A place that helps you quiet your mind, soothe your soul, where you breathe deeply and meditate. I have a sacred space that I’ve created that is a temple for me. It is simply a small octagon room that exists in the turret of my building. Winter is the ideal time to go within. And December is magical month for manifesting and setting intentions for the new year. Energy builds upon itself and each time you feel good in your space, it just gets better and better. Even if you choose a corner of the home or clean your car and create an alter or a focal point of that which reminds you that you are sacred and well. In doing this, you let the universe know that you are honoring yourself here and now.

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2. Positive Attitude

Wherever you are or whatever you do, make a powerful choice, to have a positive attitude and be stay present. Be aware of competition and judgments that you have yourself or that others are expressing. Practice being in a place of neutrality and remember that all is perfect in its own way. If someone is not pleasant, then don’t spend time with them. The time of martyrdom is over, however, if you find yourself in this situation, by being in neutral, you may simply observe it without becoming attached to it. This is why its good to meditate each morning in your sacred space and set the ‘tone’ or vibration of the day!

3. Say ‘No’.

Saying no to all the extra duties and obligations is not always a bad thing. Be a ‘yes’ Kind of Human and you’ll find that you have much more energy and service to give of yourself to others. Doing things out of obligation, never serves anyone and agreeing to everything that’s asked of us causes undue stress. People will feel it from you like a siren, even if you don’t express it. If you find yourself feeling obligated to your family, go to your sacred space more often, so that you can move through these emotions and ask what is your highest and next best step to serve. Usually, it will be to take care of yourself first, so that the good vibrations can go out into the world. Everyone will be much better off because of this.


Golden Ball technique:

This helps with number 2 and 3 and you can begin practicing this form your sacred space each day. I use this technique that keeps me centered and in neutrality. I do this by allowing myself to focus my energy into the very center of my head and see a golden ball move out slowly moving all thoughts out of my head that are not mine or not serving me. I then move the ball into a smaller size to the center of my head and keep it there as my center of neutrality. It’s a practice that has assisted me for several years now to stay out of ‘reaction mode’.


 DR Oz Explains the benefits of Sound Healing &

Crystal Singing Bowls Therapies

Sound Healing on Dr Oz, Sonic Crystal Therapy, Brain Waves States and Benefits

Sound Healing on Dr Oz, Sonic Crystal Therapy, Brain Waves States and Benefits

What is Sound Healing Anyway?

Sound healing is a very broad subject and includes many different tools and techniques. At its basic level, it is the intention to create a shift or change by using sound. Let’s take a look at sound first. Sound is vibration and everything vibrates, from our kidneys, to our cells, our thoughts and emotions or how we feel, to the room we are sitting in. Vibrations are calculated as frequencies or how fast or slow that something is vibrating measured in hertz, or cycles per second. Some frequencies or sounds are audible and some are not, but many are still affecting us. Sound has been discovered as a powerful tool that can create or destroy, this is why it is used in war and in our hospitals. Examples of this are breaking apart of kidney stones, using loud music to drive out the people of the Waco branch Dravidian cult complex and also demonstrated by Hans Jenny discoveries, research in Cymatics, that sound creates geometric patterns when aimed at a plate of sand. Sound Healing can show up as ‘Kirtan’ or singing in praise to the divine, having songs played to the dying and ill, or as straight frequencies that resonate with the tones that you are deficient of. There are many other ways to use sound to create a shift or change or heal.

These 3 exercises are examples of how we can heal ourselves with sound just by using our voice:

  1. Resonate with the sound that already exists
  2. Feel and sound a higher frequency, like love or gratitude
  3. Transmutation or using the above two together to create the shift

Sound practitioners, who use sound to heal, may use methods using their intuition, mechanical devices, computer software or both. First, one must have a pure intention of what is going to be shifted. The most powerful sound-healing tool that we have is the human voice especially when coupled with the intentional feeling. Just think of a mother singing to her baby or someone reading a relaxing story. The voice can be used to release unwanted emotion and trauma and can be used to express and feel ‘heard’ and also for transmuting energy. We can use the voice to resonate with an emotion that needs shifting and transmute it into a place of desired emotion. For example, in some sessions with my clients, I will have them make the sound that they are feeling and I will match their sound with my voice and as we sing it together, the client feels heard. Then I may take their sound and begin to bend it upward and play with it so that it may be shifted or transmuted. We then may sing together sounds of what the client is feeling and transmute energy into a state of peace, or contentment or gratitude. This is called vocal toning. Much like chanting, it is a way to move beyond the mind to express and release that, which doesn’t serve and puts one into a higher state of consciousness. Since sound expresses far more than words, it creates a profound shift and allows the spirit to move through it in a non-judgmental, non-cognitive way. In this method of sound healing treatment, there is no such thing as a wrong note. We simply honor the feelings and emotions that exist, as nothing ever goes away when pushed under the carpet. All of our feelings and emotions, which are frequencies, need to be embraced and seen as an opportunity for new awareness for our evolution. Once we gain awareness, we can transmute and allow them to move through us. As a sound practitioner, I work with clients one-to-one and I may sing into part of their body. In this way, I use my intuition to sound the area of discomfort that needs a shift and match its frequency with my voice, so that I’m resonating with it and it feels heard, from there, I can sing to it and play with what exists there and create a new frequency. I may also be singing tones of anxiety that a client feels and then work it into a state of peace.

Vocal toning can assist us to move through different states we find ourselves in and can be used anywhere and anytime. For example, when I have a busy mind, I may stop and sing ‘eeeeeeeeeeee….’. My mind stops, as if to look at the sound and say what just happened. Or another effective practice is to focus on your heart, you can even place your hand over your heart and tune into the frequency of gratitude or love, and chant by singing several ‘Ah’s. According to the heart institute, just 5 minutes of focusing on love from the heart for 5 minutes, shows up in our system for 6 hours! Sound may also open portals and can shift you into other dimensions. One time I was with my frined in San Francisco and he dropped something that went right into a busy street. So concerned with getting his item, he stepped quickly right into the street and leaned over to collect it without seeing a car headed right for his bum! I, from my heart, with all my love for him, screamed out “NO!!!”. All of a sudden I was in a different place and it was as if the car heading right for him was now in the other lane. Believe it or not, but that car was too close and I didn’t see the car move to the other lane at all, even though my eyes were fixed there the whole time. I then looked around to see if anyone else had noticed my bizarre behavior and saw the car coming right for him. No, I was in a new reality. Wow!

It is so important to honor the feelings and emotions and gain the awareness from them, and then let them flow through us like water. To be conscious of our emotions, we have mastery over them and use them to our advantage. To feel angry at someone and shout can disturb that person’s cellular structure and especially your own. Feel it and then transmute it to forgiveness as soon as you can. Your world will be much bright and lighter and your health will thank you. In my sound healing work, I work a lot with the heart area, emotional and mental frequencies, the voice, but also with crystal singing bowls.

Crystal singing bowls are made of almost 100% quartz crystal and are sounded with a mallet covered in suede, much like, when you rub your finger around a wine glass to create a sound, except for the size. The most often used crystal bowls are 12” to 24” in diameter. With the help of a skilled practitioner playing a crystal singing bowl, your brain will begin to entrain with the vibrational pattern of the bowls, creating a relaxed state of peace, an optimal place for allowing healing to occur. Often the first step to speedy recovery or healing is to be completely relaxed and surrender in the moment. The sounds of the bowls are difficult to explain and truly need to be experienced. They are very powerful and have an innate intelligence, in that they seem to go where they need to for balancing out any blockages. They often act as a detox and a ‘flushing’ may occur. They feel as if they surround you like a blanket, then move through and around you. It is like receiving a massage, but with vibrational touch, rather than physical touch.

 How does Sound Healing impact the body?

Sound moves beyond words and beyond our cognitive mechanism. Our bodies are constantly responding and reacting with the vibrations of our environment, our emotions and our thoughts. Which bring us to an important topic of topic relating to sound healing and that’s ‘entrainment’. You may remember in high school science class, being shown two tuning forks and one was struck on the table and the other one still standing begins to vibrate with the one that was struck? Entrainment occurs when a weaker vibration begins to vibrate with a stronger vibration. This is why it’s so important to be conscious of our environment. For example, sirens can cause the body to go into a state of fight or flight. So when A client come to see me for a sound healing session and I begin playing the crystal bowls with an intention of shifting their brain waves pattern, the client falls into a deep state of relaxation. When the brain entrains with the vibrational pattern of the sounding crystal bowl, and becomes relaxed, their body will follow and vice versa, a relaxed body can create a relaxed mind. Practicing this type of sound healing treatment over time can retrain the body to stay more often in a state of peace and help one to handle stress more productively. A client over time can shift layers of previous trauma, stress, and old wounds, to the place where they feel heard, safe, and embraced. People many time express how they feel much more relaxed and balanced in their daily lives by just ‘syncing’ up with these crystal bowl vibrations. As our bodies have memory, after a while you can produce the same effect with out the bowls, just by humming and bringing yourself back to the relaxed sate that your body no easily can remember and recreate. I see many people who feel ‘keyed up’, their minds won’t stop running around, or stop talking, when they need to be listening to others and their body for that matter, and as soon as I play a crystal bowl and being singing with intention, they feel like it just stops and they move into a place of pure peace and many time bliss. They melt like butter into the massage table; tension is released, bringing in balance and harmony. They may even feel as if they have fallen asleep, but it could be just a relaxed state where their entire bodily system may reboot itself.

Different sounds are used as well. If someone was depressed, for example, they may need more activating tones, like fast rhythms with some rattles and shakers, or even a trumpet sound. Many report feeling buzzed, taller, lighter and feeling the effects for up to 2 weeks.

Singing is a powerful form of sound healing

What is a Sound Journey or Sound Immersion?

A sound journey or sound immersion is when you come in for a session or into a ground sound-healing event; lie on the massage table or on the floor on a yoga mat. You come with an intention for healing or growth. Sometimes the intention may be to realign and feel balanced or it may be to gain clarity on an issue that has been on your mind or perhaps you’re stressed and you need to calm down and surrender or perhaps you are depressed and want to transmute negative thoughts. In this experience, there are many different sounds being used and instruments being played, as well as singing voice and vocal toning. You may hear, my voice singing a melody or sounds, drums, rattles, shakers, crystal bowls and crystal pyramids. AS I tune into the energy of the people present, I am guided to create the sounds that would be beneficial and direct this to each person in the room. The whole idea is to use the sound to transmute energy, receive energy and realize your intention by using and receiving the sound that create that possibility for you.


 3-Keys to reclaim yourself and live in your truth.

Who are you? What is your purpose? Is there something that you want to create in your life, but it’s always on the back burner?

One of my favorite teachers, Almine the Seer says, “It’s time to stop watching the news and start creating it!” The fact that you have found this message or that it found you, is no accident. You are here because some higher part of yourself is asking these very questions and wanting to walk into more of who you truly are, shift the part of your life that is no longer serving you and begin creating!

Do you feel there is something missing?

Need to come out of your fog and do something with your life? Do you have a desire to really shine in the world? Feeling unclear about your next step? Do you want to be creating more meaning and fulfillment on your path?

I’m Karen Lee Coombs, also known as Kalee and I have been there. I had these creative, life affirming, beautiful visions and ideas that seem to stay as that, ideas.

I was only manifesting others’ ideas and visions. One example of this was when I got married and opened a café and bakery with my ex-husband and dad. I said I wanted these things, to be married and support my husband in creating some financial security for us, but I felt like the harder I worked, the more I was dying inside. This was NOT being aligned to my true purpose. The business kept me so busy that I didn’t feel life was meaningful, I wasn’t allowing my higher information to flow through me and become manifest, instead I focused on what I ‘should’ be doing. Fortunately, the pain was guiding me to the realization that if I didn’t get out, I’d become seriously ill. I felt ripped in two because I knew there was something else that I was meant to create in my life and that I needed to help others do the same. Being aligned to your true purpose is a feeling of ease, of being in the ‘zone’, of living and feeling good. Once you make a commitment to yourself, there are 3 keys that we can utilize in our everyday lives to get us back to where we need to be; on the path of self-realization and aligned with our higher purpose.

1. Awareness

Awareness is essential to being in our highest truth. When we have quiet time each day and allow ourselves time to reflect, we receive the blessings of information sent directly from our spirit on what our next best step is. The best way to gain awareness to give yourself quiet each day. Meditation, contemplation and just allowing yourself to be so that you can open up to spirit are the most priceless things that you can give yourself. If you are constantly swirling around in the washing machine of life, being pulled in this direction or that, you are not living from your center and your life becomes someone else’s. You can learn to be in your center, in just a few minutes a day and receive your highest wisdom. It doesn’t take a lot of work, meditation doesn’t have to be difficult, and you just need to find the right form of being quiet that works for you. A good meditation program will help you feel grounded or in your body, connect you with your own higher wisdom and help you to tame the mind. We can receive divine inspiration coming to us as awareness, but them quickly talk ourselves out of them with the mind. So part of the practice is not to analyze or discount anything, but to sit in a place of neutral and observe. Intend to take at least 10 minutes a day upon arising or going to bed and just sit in silence and ask yourself what is my next best step today and intend to receive an answer. With some practice or daily ritual, you become more intuitive and increase awareness. As you get to know yourself more and more, you will come to realize that you created your life the way it is now, in this present moment, based on your choices.

2. Make new choices

Once we become more aware, we may realize that the way we spend our days and energy are not promoting our gifts and talents and that we may be ‘obligated’ or feel we are being used by others or the ‘matrix’. This is what awareness does; it helps us to look at the truth. What comes to us may be painful to look at, so there may be a tendency to push it away. However, it is in embracing the pain, the fear, the ‘shoulds’ and the doubts where we can gain awareness and set them free. When we push things away and suppress them, they take over and show up in our lives in many ways. Although they may seem to be out of you mind, they ooze out of your body and manifest themselves in your life. Ever heard of “Face the Fear and Do it Anyway”? Support yourself in making new choices by forgiving yourself and others. Carrying resentment and disappointment around with you is only going to attract more of it. One tool for releasing is to chant. Chanting has been used for thousands of years. In the ancient Tibetan Bon religion, sound or chanting is a primary function of clearing and uplifting consciousness. Sit in a quiet space where you can freely chant “Ah” over and over until you feel a shift. Sit in the space for a moment, feel the clarity and expansiveness. Daily practice of this will enhance your life, as it frees unwanted clutter from your mind and your life.

3. Allow and Let Go

This can be the most difficult step for most of my clients when I work with them. They are practicing awareness and being conscious about the choices they are making. They are taking the action steps that put them into their new life. However, they may not see it shifting outside of themselves right away or things may be ending in their lives. They go into fear, where they must feel the fear, release it and trust! The shifts must be seen and worked inwardly world, embodied, as a habit and new neural pathway must be solidified before showing up in the physical world. When you see a few endings happening around you, rejoice! In order to receive and take part in our new lives or reality, we must release and let go of the old. It means that something better that you have been creating energetically is coming in to fill you up. Allowing is trusting that the universal force has your back and that as long as you are being and doing your part, being aware in each moment and allowing yourself to feel what is right for your highest and best good and clearing out what isn’t that, you are quickly on your way to a better life for yourself. One tool for this is to say “Thank-you” and move into a feeling of gratitude for all the things that you’re grateful for. Begin with things here in the physical and then feel it for your new creation that is coming right toward you.



Lift your Vibration and Feel Amazing!

Feeling amazing begins with your choice in each moment. Right now, in this moment, set a new template for your entire amazing existence. When you consistently feel good by resonating positive vibrations, everything in your life begins to flow. You easily enjoy your relationships with others, make better choices, improve your health and you begin to attract and allow abundance into your life. You can easily and instantly give your frequency a boost, by applying these 4 simple rituals and feel amazing.

1. Breathe from your belly.

When we learn to sing, we begin by learning about healthy breathing. Breathing is our foundation, not just for singing, but also in truly living. Breathing is the flow of life force, the element of air that allows all the parts of our existence to move and flow. On a physical level, deep abdomen breathing massages the organs, encouraging detoxification and allows for more oxygen and blood flow to that area of the body. Bringing our awareness to deeper and slower breathing can be used to clear the mind for meditation. When we’re afraid, worried and angry or stressed, we tend to breathe from the chest. Next time you feel those emotions taking a tour through your system, work through it by dropping the breathing down to your lower abdomen. You can also induce a state of calmness by exhaling fast and strong. So, begin a daily ritual of bringing your awareness to the breath and breathe from low in the abdomen.

2.       Soothe the savage beast with singing.

Aside from low belly breathing, singing can boost the mood by encouraging us to stand up tall, for the next step a student would focus on is body alignment. Standing up tall and in a healthy stance naturally boosts confidence and mood. Try it. Slouch over and look at the ground and try to express yourself. It’s difficult because your lungs and throat are blocked and your spine is unaligned. Now stand up straight with shoulders back and down, chest open, knees unlocked with a slight give, and chin parallel to the floor. Feel the difference? In addition, singing a song with a message that we resonate with can allow us to feel heard. We express the words while receiving the beauty of melody. Another way to lift your vibration is through vocal toning. Vocal toning is a method by which you elongate the breath and tone with the voice, producing the sounds that feel good to you. Vocal toning gives us permission to express and release raw emotion with just the right sound for the individual. Begin by vocalizing whatever you’re feeling and sound it up to a higher frequency. For example, if you’re feeling sad, close your eyes and allow the sadness to be there and begin to make the sounds of your sadness. Then begin moving the tones up higher and higher, shifting them into a state of surrender, where your inner sad self feels ’heard’. When you shift the sound up into a new vibration and begin feeling the buzz or sensation that feels better, you feel ‘nurtured’.  Vocal toning is excellent for clearing blocks or trauma that may be in the body. Simply go within and resonate it with your voice, get it all out and you’ll feel amazing.

3. The harmonic frequencies of nature and being the song of which you are.

Spending too much time in the city or the electromagnetic soup and noise of our homes and offices, we may begin to feel agitated, tired and have brain fog. Just sit or lie on the grass or beach and listen to the bird songs, the wind shifting the trees, the waves lapping the shore, the brook rolling over the rocks and allow yourself to be in tune with it. Allow yourself to take your shoes off with your bare feet on the Earth and take in the Schumann resonance, up through the souls of the feet. You’ll feel grateful that you did.

4. Feel the frequency of gratitude.

Gratitude puts your body and mind in a receptive state so that more positive vibrations flow in. You become open to receive more love, joy and opportunities. To begin, note at least 3 things to be grateful for and focus on lifting your vibration from there. Do this ritual each day and your list will grow exponentially.

So, in this moment, choose to go into nature and take a nice deep, low breath, stand up tall and express your authenticity with your voice and feel grateful that you did!


A Sounding Meditation for shifting into a higher vibration

Four steps to create a harmonious frequency now

  1. Enter meditation and allow yourself to feel your emotions by being kind to yourself. Ask for assistance from your guides and the universe by postulating that the universe is supporting you in a sacred healing space of love, you are protected and you are love. “I am Love. I am protected and supported by the universe and I am in a sacred healing space of love.”
  2. With an open heart, embrace your emotions as indicators of where you are and allow them to flow and release them with sounds.  We can do this by sounding with the voice, by tuning into ourselves and toning out what we are feeling. Vocal toning can be used to sound out all those things in your personal space that may be in the way of your desired state or frequency.
  3. Focus now on shifting the emotions into what you’d like to feel and what frequency would be most beneficial and of your highest good. For example, if you feel anxiety, intend to feel peace and shift the sounds toward the intention of peace. Use toning to bring you into the heart. Use the sounding process to uplift your vibration and send sounds of appreciation and love from yourself to yourself.
  4. Be still in the desired frequency and maintain it as long as you can. Take actions that ‘embody’ this higher frequency on a regular basis. Perhaps you feel a lower frequency around certain people or places, so you decide to spend less time there and more time in a field of your desired frequency.  Or perhaps you create a ritual of lighting a candle and of making a sound of release and then sound into your desired frequencies each day.

Feng Shui and Sound Healing

Have a question answered by email about any sound healing tools that you need to lift your vibration.

Step 1:  Make a donation via paypalStep 2:  Simply email your question to and

I will return an answer within 48 hrs. ~Blessings! …Kalee

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