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Crystal Singing Bowls for Sale

Free your body and mind as you unwind in a rejuvenating sound massage from your head down to your toes. Crystal Singing Bowls, specifically targeted toward the 7 main energy centers of the body, entrain the brain, creating an elevated state of consciousness, while soothing tones intently move into the areas of the body where needed, creating a feeling of total alignment. 

Frosted Singing Bowls sold in different tones or notes of the chakras

The Original Classic Frosted Crystal Singing Bowls

~Stationary, deep tones, group meditation, heavy use

These beautiful and luminescent bowls emit an expansive sound that is healing for the body’s deeper tissues. Evocative of ancient temples, our Classic Frosted Bowls exude a healing matrix wherever they’re sounded. The effects of playing Classic Frosted Bowls and creating binaural beats in the home, office or a large group setting can be more grounding and help promote a stable, peaceful energy. The highly tactile and light-filled Classic Frosted bowls are perfect entrainment tools for large groups, meditation and indoor and outdoor healing and garden spaces.

The Classic Frosted bowls carry an Earth energy. Their white color reminds of purity and new beginnings. Natural light enhances the bowl energies and Feng Shui appeal. Their Zen-sculpted looks are healing and their Yin/Yang qualities stellar. Classic Frosted rounded and light-filled bowls ring with fuller, smoother tones to combine for the sweetest Universal harmonies.

Sound Healing on Dr. Oz show & Crystal Bowls

10” $179

11” $179

12” $189

13” $199

14” $209

16” $229

18” $319

22” $799

24” $899

*Add $25 to C, C#, F, F# Bowls and another $25 for true pitch bowls, tuned to play with pother instruments.

*A rubber O-ring, information packet and premium suede or rubber intention mallet are included with the purchase of every crystal singing bowl. A velvet bowl pillow is also included with the 7 inch round bottom Collector Series bowls only. You do not have to buy the mallet and O-ring separately when you buy a bowl. You may order replacement or additional mallets or O-rings. 

Call (207) 749-8649 or email for more information.

Bowls are delivered to your address anywhere in the United States


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