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Sound healing Sessions, Apprenticeship study and Online Classes with Kalee Coombs in Maine.www.vibrationsofjoy.com

Sound healing Sessions, Apprenticeship study and Online Classes with Kalee Coombs in Maine. www.vibrationsofjoy.com

I am here to share the love within me as a transmission from my heart, through my voice and through all creative expressions which are guided from the Infinite. My mission is to help more people find and know the consciousness, love and wisdom that exists within and that they feel inspired to create a passionate, abundant life and be free and sovereign.~Kalee Coombs

Appointments via phone and in person:  Kalee@VibrationsofJoy.com

 Kalee is a empath, sound practitioner, intuitive counselor, psychic healer & artist. She utilizes her voice, her wisdom and knowingness of many lifetimes here and elsewhere, as well as, her musical and sonic therapy skills and gifts to help humanity release and transmute lower frequencies that may be held within the body, mind, & Spirit. Her mission is to share the love transmission from her heart, through the voice that assists people to heal themselves and feel inspired to create a happy, healthy and abundant life. And to bring more peace, harmony and abundance to the planet through higher spiritual consciousness. 

Listen to Kalee: Sound Blessing

“Beautifully executed. Wonderfully enticing. And I played your voice blessing. It was the sounds of angels. Gorgeous! Healing! Ethereal! “~Sharon

Our universe is pulsating with infinite vibrations of information that is given and received. Every cell of our body, every organ including our heart, each emotion that we feel, thoughts that we hold, and the belief that we carry in this moment, is a frequency. The earth has a frequency, as does each tree, bird, mammal, and color of the rainbow. Each person holds a frequency, as well as, each group, workplace, neighborhood, social cause and country. Everything and everybody has frequency; we are all pulsating vibrations!

Kalee Coombs, Intuitive Empath, Sound Healer, Crystal Singing Bowls, Meditation Teacher

“Self-care is never a selfish act—it is simply good stewardship of sharing love through my heart and voice, the gift I was put on earth to offer to others.”


Watch & Listen: Sonic Crystal Therapy, a form of  Sound Healing

Sound Healing on Dr Oz, Sonic Crystal Therapy, Brain Waves States and Benefits

Sound Healing on Dr Oz, Sonic Crystal Therapy, Brain Waves States and Benefits

Sound Healing or Sonic Therapy  is a method of applying frequencies or sound with an intention to assist a change. This desired outcome or change can be within the mind or the body. For example, we can create a higher state of consciousness or we can relax a muscle. One of the ways in which this can happen is through harmonic or sympathetic resonance. Sympathetic resonance exists when a weaker frequency will entrain with a stronger frequency. Want more peace in your life? Entrain with peaceful people and places, such as a quiet beach or the woods. Nature or the organic sounds found in nature are the best sound healers around. From the sound of the wind moving through the trees to the sound of your loving friends voice, we all can benefit by aligning with natural frequencies. Re-tune up and pamper yourself with a sound healing treatment!

“Kalee, I can’t thank-you enough for creating a safe and sacred space for me to literally “voice”, expel and let go of the pain I have held onto for so many years. Your gift of healing has allowed me to get out of my own head and be totally in the moment and let go of years of pain.” —Jayme P 


Kalee Coombs Sound Healing, Meditation and Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive Empath

Kalee Coombs Sound Healing, Meditation and Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive Empath

Kalee, Sound Healing Practitioner, Empathic Intutitive Reader and Healer

Kalee Coombs is a sound practitioner and empathic intuitive vibrational healer, tuning into you from a place of pure infinite source vibration to help you release your blocks, shifting you into a higher vibration. Her special gift is really her voice that through tuning in, she can sing the the song of your spirit and resonate with sounds of your wounds so that they feel heard, then transmute these areas to higher frequencies. Kalee’s mission is to share the truth of higher accessed knowing and help you to shift your vibrational frequency, helping you walk into a

new dimension of reality.

Kalee has been working with sound and music as meditation and clearing for both group and individual for the past 9 years. Kalee grew up in the woods of Maine, spending much time outdoors where she formed a special relationship with the trees, birds, and natural harmonics of nature. As an empathic sensitive and classically trained singer, Kalee began exploring the effects of music, sound, frequency and intent on states of consciousness and emotion. She later acquired a set of Crystal Singing Bowls and began holding concerts and workshops, showing others how to use sound, music, and singing as a tool for personal transformation. Kalee also attended the Psychic Horizon School of Meditation and Healing for three years in 2006 and received her Sound Healer Certificate at The Sound Institute of San Francisco in 2010. She has performed her special healing music and has facilitated workshops, presentations, and lessons in the greater San Francisco bay area, Southern California, and in Maine. Kalee currently resides in Portland, Maine where she is working to further facilitate the ways in which intentional sound and music be can used to benefit all in society, as a self-empowering, disease preventative, stress-reducing tool.
Kalee in the Reading room, Portland, Maine. Intuitive/empathic/psychic readings in person, by phone, Skype,

Kalee in the reading room

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