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Crystal Singing Bowls for Joy!

Crystal Singing Bowls

F Crystal Singing Bowl for HEART Chakra


‘Frosted’ Crystal Singing Bowls

~ the most durable bowls, can be played indoors or out, made of the highest quality quartz crystal from North America and tuned with a musician’s ear. 

The Sounds of LOVE~~~ Listen to each Bowl here

Frosted Singing Bowls sold in different tones or notes of the chakras

Releasing with Crystal Singing Bowls & Sound Healing, with actress, Katie Lynn McDowell
Emotional Release and Healing with Crystal Singing Bowls & Sound Healing, with actress, Katie Lynn McDowell












Order one by contacting Kalee

 or go to the Crystal Bowls page

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Spiritual Empowerment Class!

Vibrations of Joy! Profound tools for inner joy & healing

The ‘Spiritual Empowerment’ Class

Tools for Psychic Self-Healing, Alignment & Higher Consciousness

Monday, March 9th, 6-730pm, 2015

Step-by-Step Tools to help you in your Awakening and to Connecting to your truth ~Guided Meditations

Do you feel often pulled in different directions?
Are you easily drained in crowds or with particular people?
Have you ever wanted to meditate, but find it difficult?
Struggling to be more intuitive or harness more
of your intuitive gifts?
Feeling disconnected from spirit?
Bring more peace, joy, love and
self-nurturing into your life

~ for Empaths, Sensitives & those Awakening 

Learn to:

Quiet your mind and listen to your inner voice
Gain Clarity & psychic awareness
Sharpen your psychic abilities and clairvoyance
Clear excess energy from your field
Protect your space
Experience the peaceful presence of the moment
Reduce stress
Tune-up and lift your vibration
De-tatch from drama,
Create your own reality
Connect with a supportive group

*Each week experience guided meditations, utilizing special tools that cultivate self-awareness, create change, release old patterns, generate more of a positive state and put you into a state of self-empowerment, truth, purpose and peace.

To register, contact Kalee AT, 

Only $111. for 4-week Tele-course!