Potent times calls for potent measures of LOVE

Message to Light Workers, Sensitives, Star-Steeds &

others who ‘chose’ to be here

Potent times calls for potent measures of LOVE

Sound Healing the Sun Meditations with Crystal Singing Bowls

When you say ‘Wake up’ to people who are not awake, they are not going to be awake enough to ‘get it’. However, if you’re a Light Worker or Sensitive, Star-Steed, etc. and you believe that you chose to come here, then please UP your LOVE vibe, don’t give into fear and anger, and honor free will. If you think and judge ‘those people’ who ‘are so 3D’, please extinguish the judgement, which may be more toxic than a cigarette.

And LOVE them. 

I’m not discounting that there are forces against the highest and best for human kind and the planet, but why complain, judge and bitch about the problems and create more of it. We have to be aware of what’s in front of us, not push it under the carpet, but we can come from a place of power in dealing with it.

If you spend too much time in the judgement of anything it grows!

3 Things to practice, practice, practice to raise your vibration

We are all human and we all need practice to create new habits. Loving yourself, no matter what you feel and think, is the most important first step to change and feeling lighter

1. Make a decision to pay attention to the judgements that come up. “This is bad, this is good; this is wrong, this is right”. Own it, honor what comes up for you and be kind to yourself. Allow yourself to focus on it, so that you learn to reposition your inner energy (thoughts and feelings) into higher states, like acceptance, compassion, appreciation, gratitude and love. Release all old beliefs, emotional trauma and lower states, every moment of everyday!

2. Meditate and visualize daily on how you would love to enjoy the world. Feel it in your body and feel it in your heart be in the frequencies of love and gratitude so intensely that it is so.

3. Command that shit outta’ here! If you have beings that are hanging out, gotten in, causing you to feel victim, then turn it around with tools, support and people who know how to work the energy. Make sure they don’t call beings in and keep it pure (especially if your an empath). With your highest self and the help of the Infinite, command that no harm will come into your sacred space unless it wants to be  transmuted to the highest light/love. Yes, you are that powerful!

As you practice these tools, you grow stronger and more powerful, which can attract more attack. However, with good foundation and support of others, you can master it and you will, because that is what you decided to do!

Rise up in golden love!


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Full Moon ~Blue moon Meditations


Full Moon ~Blue moon Meditations:

Flowing with Full Moon and other Cosmic Energies

Full Moon, Blue Moon Energies and meditation,  July 31, 2015

Blue Full Moon Energies July 31, 2015

Here is a step-by-step practice that may help you

manifest with the full moon.

Flowing with Full Moon and other Cosmic Energies: Full Moon ~Blue moon Meditations are below. 

1. Go into meditation and visualize what you’d like to see your world to be.

2. Know your desired outcome through intention and set an intention that you remind yourself of in each moment.

3. Practice seeing things from neutral. In meditation, begin with a golden ball in the center of your head, which is your neutral place. Allow emotions to come up for you and feel them and release them in love. Honor what you feel and allow love for yourself. Allow judgments to exist and then send them to the light or back to where they came.

Try this Audio: Full moon Meditation for Manifesting

 created specifically at the time of the full moon. Enjoy!

4. Feel into and expand your heart center. Ask your heart, how you would feel, if this desire, vision, new earth or new reality, were your reality now? Allow yourself to exist in these resonant energies of what you’re creating.

Then imagine these things to be grounded into earth by imagining at least one action that you will take to create your reality.

You may also use these steps to work with the new moon, when the energies are powerful for planting new seeds or visions. As the moon grows fuller and more powerful, you’ll capitalize on this building of energy into full moon, it will aid you in bringing your wishes to fruition. You could also set an intention and manifest something for your day when you arise each morning.

Try this Audio: Intro Meditation for clear seeing, neutrality and balancing











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