A Beautiful moment of Gratitude and Appreciation

A Beautiful moment of Gratitude and Appreciation….

Thank-you for supporting me…18 days left of my campaign to raise money for me to share the love thorugh intentional song with new Crystal Bowls and recording equipment!

I went to bed last night in deep gratitude and awoke to a melody singing in my head!

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How do I Support the Sounds of Love project?

How do I Support the ‘Sounds of Love’ project?

 Help make this project real! Join the backer community, choose your REWARD and DONATE NOW to help create intentional songs of love in the new 'Sounds of Love' recording, live concert, perosonalized love sounds and group healing sessions with Crystal Singing Bowls and the Voice of Kalee Coombs. Make your pledge here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2061261472/love-sounds-intentional-songs-with-voice-and-cryst

Help make this project real! Join the backer community, choose your REWARD and DONATE NOW to help create intentional songs of love in the new ‘Sounds of Love’ recording, live concert, personalized love sounds and group healing sessions with Crystal Singing Bowls and the Voice of Kalee Coombs. Make your pledge here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2061261472/love-sounds-intentional-songs-with-voice-and-cryst

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Sounds of LOVE Project!

Sounds of LOVE Project!

Be a part of it!

Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 9.19.36 AM

I’m Kalee, a singer, healer, and spiritual teacher. My mission is to create and sing intentional songs of Love. By sharing sounds of love from my heart, in a full recording, as well as, live performance and in healing sessions. Through my loving voice and with my new instruments, I will assist people into wholeness and balance.

*Pledge & receive your rewards here!

I am confident that the time to share my highest calling is Now. There is great suffering for humanity on the planet. Animals are becoming extinct and children are losing their precious innocence. The ecosystem is endangered and out of balance and so are we. To help the world, we begin within ourselves and with our hearts.

I believe that it is important to work on oneself, within heart and spirit and share. For me, it is through my instrument: my voice. I have studied classically, as well as, songs from around the world, have been serving people through my healing ability, both individually and in groups, as well as, studying and utilizing intentional sound with Crystal Singing Bowls for over 10 years. In the work that I share, I have witnessed deep release and heart openings within myself and others who have enjoyed the benefits of my intentional sound. I am grateful to be offering this in a much larger way now, thanks to the success of this very important project.

This project will produce the new *60 minute recording called “Sounds of Love”, as well as, a live concert, infused with love, that will uplift, inspire and help open hearts, with new sounds and songs. I will also share this transmission of love through intentional singing and playing the new Crystal Singing Bowls from this campaign in one-to-one healing sessions, group-healing sessions and in workshops with my voice and the new Bowls. See the rewards to the right! When you make a pledge, you may even receive a beautiful Crystal Singing Pyramid or heart toned Crystal Singing Bowl! These are all offered as my rewards to you (all listed in the reward details).

So, be in love, go to the kickstarter page, choose your reward, make a pledge & share now! 



PS The first sound file on this video, recorded by Pete Nenortas of Satronen Sound

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Initiation into our Greatness

Initiation into Greatness

White Lotus, Initiation into Greatness. Personal Power and Self Mastery. Awakening your full power and mastery. vibrationsofjoy.com

Unfold to inner power and mastery.

As humans we’ve all been through it. Insurmountable cycles of challenges where the most distracting events, one after another, seem to move against us, preventing us from our ultimate happiness, dream or vision for our lives. This is an initiation into greatness. When we intend for something to become our reality and we feel a ‘Yes!” of excitement, passion and the exhilaration for our quest, we have in fact asked the universe that we may know our mastery. What comes with mastery is the art of moving through the initiation.

What does this look like in a modern day story? Well, a person could finally decide to write that book or create that healing arts center that he has always dreamed of. To get there, he then decides on a strategy that he will work with to create it. A few steps along the way in the strategy may be creating a space in the home to work on the vision, creating more time to complete the organization of it and perhaps acquiring the capital. How exciting when passion is present and the plans are made and all he can dream of is the final outcome while completing the tasks to make it so.

He wakes in the morning looking forward to his meeting with a potential investor and the car breaks down, he has specific times marked during the week for preparation for his dream and it is taken by a sick child, his day job begins to drain him of energy, as they ask for more and more hours of his time. Welcome to the initiation into greatness.

How to move through it?

First with LOVE, then consider………


  1. Know that when things arise in your life, it represents your call to know your mastery. You could ask the creator an empowering question, “Why did we create this?” There is a reason for everything. Once you receive the answer, you can gain the insights and release it.
  2. Reposition your mindset and restate your new position or perspective. When our car breaks down, we could feel that we are no longer able to achieve the results, however, if we can step back for a moment, become impartial, ‘look from above’, we can gain a higher perspective and reframe it to see it as part of the bigger picture of things. For example the disempowered thought: “My car just broke down, why are all things happening to me?” becomes transmuted to empowerment, by thinking and saying, “Perhaps I wasn’t supposed to go to that destination at this time and I am being guided to purchase another car that is in better condition to go somewhere new and exciting in the near future as part of my new vision.
  3. Utilize the power of now to create a perfect solution. As Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness”. Re-create the situation based on what is happening now. Accept it but see yourself as the creator, continually creating in each moment and create something new first with your mind. Focus on what is going right and your vision. When you can learn to enjoy and laugh about your small hardships, so that you lighten your load and don’t absorb the hit.
  4. Know when it’s not your battle. The master does not fight others’ battles. A master upholds his own growth and does not save others, when it derails his highest purpose, but lends a helping hand sparingly, so as to not diffuse his energy and power. When something comes up that seems to be slung against you, it could be another’s drama, someone who may feel they need saving. Take a look at your relations to be sure they are not co-dependent ones.

People who come to me for sessions, are often undertaking an initiation into their greatness. This is why they reach out for support. When we create a vision, through proclaiming that we want something more in our lives, we learn to step through any obstacle on our path, through the power of attitudes and repositioning our mind set to be the masters we intended to be, it is then our truest alignment with higher power that brings in the experiences that are needed to become the powerful masters that we already are. And this is the initiation into greatness.
Initiation into Greatness. Personal Power and Self Mastery. Archangel Michael overcoming evil by slaying the Dragon. vibrationsofjoy.com

Initiation into Greatness. Personal Power and Self Mastery. Archangel Michael overcoming evil by slaying the Dragon. vibrationsofjoy.com


I have personally gone through many initiations in my life. Where it seemed that no matter how hard I tried to accomplish what I set out to do, it was as if ‘unseen forces’ were holding me back. I didn’t feel supported or in the flow. However, now I know differently. It was in these moments of oppression, homelessness, abusive relationships and not being paid by people who seemed to want more of me, that I have gained my biggest seeds of truth and victory.

***For those of you still reading, I will share one of my experiences here so that I may illustrate how ‘seemingly bad’ things are moments of initiation that occur in concert with creator………………..

I was always a very sensitive, psychic one and have felt that I’m here serving a higher purpose. Most of my life I haven’t known what that was or even who I was. I began having dreams where I felt I was very awake. One night a scary demon came into my dream. This concerned me, as I was not used to having nightmares in the past. Much to my dismay, this demon would come into many of my dreams. What did he look like? Well, he was grayish black in color with a grim reaper looking clock covering his entire body and head and had wide spaces for eyes, but no eyes were present. At the time, my psychic and energy healing skills were escalating and all I wanted was to heal people with my abilities. But, how was I to become the master of creating a healing business and working with people when I had this demon coming around and showing up in my dreams? It was scary. My vision was to hold a high vibration and field of energy that others would entrain with and then be healed. Once again, I closed my eyes for sleep and the vivid dream began. I was sitting on a San Franciscan train (I lived in San Francisco at the time) and my destination was unknown. The train stopped and the demon came aboard the train. I felt the fear well up inside me, for only a moment, as he was stepping closer and closer. He stood in front of me and all of a sudden I stood up in front of him and felt this brilliant wave of love pouring out from my heart and embraced him. As I felt I was this brilliant frequency of love, he melted right down to the ground. I passed the initiation. It was amazing, that I learned of the power of self and the frequency of love that night.

It was several weeks later that the demon showed up again and I became the one who conquered the demon as he stood below, with my foot on his chest; I stood above with one hand down holding him there and one hand up. This was very graphic for me. And I contemplated for a long time about these dreams, especially the last two. As my quest to know more continued, someone told me to ask his name and his purpose. I went into meditation and asked. He said, “My name is Valor and I am your teacher.” So after that I happened to come across a depiction of Archangel Michael slaying the devil. It was truly a moment of awe for me and this is what we looked like in the dream. This initiation was meant for me to know my greatness and to remember the power of love.  

So when ‘seemingly bad’ things are happening to you, always remember your power and that you have a choice to overcome, turning them into growth and propel you into your mastery. And this is the initiation into greatness from the highest self and the creator to bring you into your mastery.

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The Art of Releasing and Clearing

Some thoughts on the art of releasing and clearing…..The time of purification is here. As a collective, we are ready to shift. So is the Earth. If we don’t desire what we see in the world, we must change it from within or as the timeless saying states, “As within, so without”. I truly believe this. I’ve have seen it in trends that occur in my cycles of readings. By cycles, I mean that at certain points in time, I notice that there are certain ‘themes’ at play. Right now for so many of you, the theme is about re-creating a new reality. To do this we MUST review our lives, let go of what doesn’t belong in our desired reality and anchor the new frequency through action. We are creators, made in the image of God, natural alchemists, playing with energy and transmuting old into a new matter. BE it and it IS.

We have come to a critical juncture and we need to “Let go of the shore” as the Hopi prophecy goes, we are practicing releasing and exploring our relationship with the ‘old way’ and how it FEELS. Some of us are aware and others not. Do you feel that you have some luggage to loose? Instead of judging yourself or feeling you’ve failed in some way, take a look at what a blessing obstacles are. The old, non-desirable ‘stuff’, is showing us where we can do better, it’s breaking down and falling away, moving us forward into a new way of being. You must have a vision of what you’d like to create in your life. How may you create without letting go of the old? Perhaps a more magical question is, “How did I create this amazing reality for myself quickly and easily?” Allow space for it and let the rest go! To do this we must hold the new frequency.

For musicians or sound healers, this may be learning to move from a

Diminished 4th into a Perfect 5th.

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 11.12.59 AM
Releasing raises our vibration, brings clarity, more light and a feeling of freshness and space that creates an opening for change. Nothing can change unless we desire it be so first and then change within ourselves first. I notice that when I release in a big way, I feel a surge in energy. Ask the Universe questions, see the signs and then release. Are you feeling heavy, held back, butting your head, not finding the ‘perfect’ car, office, home, whatever?

Take a look around at things in your life and ask yourself these questions:

1. Does it love me back and fill me with joy?

2. Is it connected to my highest and best work and vision?

3. Does it make my heart sing?

If ‘no’, let it go.

How do I release?

Forms of releasing /purging/letting go that bring a feeling of ‘yes’ into your life.

  1. Get physical and clean the house, a closet, draw, your desk, or sweep the floor with a firm intention that you are clearing whatever needs to go even if you don’t know where to start or exactly what needs releasing. This powerful act with intention, will bring awareness or at the very least will allow you to feel better and un-glue you from inaction.
  2. Express your emotions. Cry, write that letter, email or book, laugh, chant and sing. It’s common for light workers and healers to repress their emotions because they are afraid to lower their vibration and others may see them as not ‘positive’ enough. This is not beneficial and can actually hinder, for what we repress, often arises from under the surface, pulling in more of what you don’t want. Pay attention to what makes you irritated in life and you will find something old is ready to go. Often times, when many light workers and powerful healers, release old emotions, it creates heavy rainfall and floods.

Everytime light workers release an old emotional wounds together, there are floods and heavy rains.
Ready to Cleanse Start Here

  1. Take a bath or utilize the power of the shower. Water is a natural element for cleansing. Here’s my practice. I go into the shower and tell the water to cleanse me of anything that no longer serves and I feel gratitude as I thank the water spirit. Then I look down at the drain and see it going down the drain, transmuted and released. My favorite bath is one filled with sea salt, lavender, baking soda and soak for 20 minutes.
  2. Sell and give away your belongings. Especially clear clutter and release things that you no longer need. Our physical things are connected
  3. Cleanse the inside of your body with fasting or body cleanses. I haven’t done a fast longer than 12 hours yet. But looking forward to it soon. My favorite resource for cleansing the inside of my body is Dr. Edward Group. His products are amazing and so are his videos. His site is here:Global Healing Center
  4. Utilize Meditation and energy healing. You may know that I work with sound, crystal singing bowls and the voice. To me, this is my best and most powerful method for releasing and creating a new frequency for change. This practice also quiets my mind, so that I can see more clearly or listen to what needs clearing within me.
  5. Simplify your life. Do you have 3 different bank accounts that you don’t really need? Do you have a large home that you just fill up with more stuff and activities? Do you bump your toe because there’s too much stuff in your space? Do you have too many social media platforms that distract you? Do you have friends that drain your energy? How are you diffusing your energy and what can you do to downsize and simplify? You may have too much in your life. Let it all go.
  6. Is it emotional and/or psychic and blocking your highest soul potential? Write it down (without re-reading it!) and burn it. Fire is another element that is used for purification. Mama Earth is purified through fire, clearing the way for new forests. Create a ceremony where you command it away and call in the new from this moment forward, but be sure to take an action that anchors it into being.

Ready to Cleanse Start Here

I pray that this gives you some insight and ideas about the art of releasing and clearing. May you be blessed with new possibilities, freedom and abundance.

Kalee in the Manifestation Temple or Harmony Temple, Portland, Maine






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Potent times calls for potent measures of LOVE

Message to Light Workers, Sensitives, Star-Steeds &

others who ‘chose’ to be here

Potent times calls for potent measures of LOVE

Sound Healing the Sun Meditations with Crystal Singing Bowls

When you say ‘Wake up’ to people who are not awake, they are not going to be awake enough to ‘get it’. However, if you’re a Light Worker or Sensitive, Star-Steed, etc. and you believe that you chose to come here, then please UP your LOVE vibe, don’t give into fear and anger, and honor free will. If you think and judge ‘those people’ who ‘are so 3D’, please extinguish the judgement, which may be more toxic than a cigarette.

And LOVE them. 

I’m not discounting that there are forces against the highest and best for human kind and the planet, but why complain, judge and bitch about the problems and create more of it. We have to be aware of what’s in front of us, not push it under the carpet, but we can come from a place of power in dealing with it.

If you spend too much time in the judgement of anything it grows!

3 Things to practice, practice, practice to raise your vibration

We are all human and we all need practice to create new habits. Loving yourself, no matter what you feel and think, is the most important first step to change and feeling lighter

1. Make a decision to pay attention to the judgements that come up. “This is bad, this is good; this is wrong, this is right”. Own it, honor what comes up for you and be kind to yourself. Allow yourself to focus on it, so that you learn to reposition your inner energy (thoughts and feelings) into higher states, like acceptance, compassion, appreciation, gratitude and love. Release all old beliefs, emotional trauma and lower states, every moment of everyday!

2. Meditate and visualize daily on how you would love to enjoy the world. Feel it in your body and feel it in your heart be in the frequencies of love and gratitude so intensely that it is so.

3. Command that shit outta’ here! If you have beings that are hanging out, gotten in, causing you to feel victim, then turn it around with tools, support and people who know how to work the energy. Make sure they don’t call beings in and keep it pure (especially if your an empath). With your highest self and the help of the Infinite, command that no harm will come into your sacred space unless it wants to be  transmuted to the highest light/love. Yes, you are that powerful!

As you practice these tools, you grow stronger and more powerful, which can attract more attack. However, with good foundation and support of others, you can master it and you will, because that is what you decided to do!

Rise up in golden love!


High Quality Quartz Crystal Crystal Singing Bowls for meditation, sound healing , crystal sonic therapy

Beautiful Crystal Bowls! 

Get a Crystal Singing Bowl 

& raise your vibration!

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Full Moon ~Blue moon Meditations


Full Moon ~Blue moon Meditations:

Flowing with Full Moon and other Cosmic Energies

Full Moon, Blue Moon Energies and meditation, July 31, 2015

Blue Full Moon Energies July 31, 2015

Here is a step-by-step practice that may help you

manifest with the full moon.

Flowing with Full Moon and other Cosmic Energies: Full Moon ~Blue moon Meditations are below. 

1. Go into meditation and visualize what you’d like to see your world to be.

2. Know your desired outcome through intention and set an intention that you remind yourself of in each moment.

3. Practice seeing things from neutral. In meditation, begin with a golden ball in the center of your head, which is your neutral place. Allow emotions to come up for you and feel them and release them in love. Honor what you feel and allow love for yourself. Allow judgments to exist and then send them to the light or back to where they came.

Try this Audio: Full moon Meditation for Manifesting

 created specifically at the time of the full moon. Enjoy!

4. Feel into and expand your heart center. Ask your heart, how you would feel, if this desire, vision, new earth or new reality, were your reality now? Allow yourself to exist in these resonant energies of what you’re creating.

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Then imagine these things to be grounded into earth by imagining at least one action that you will take to create your reality.

You may also use these steps to work with the new moon, when the energies are powerful for planting new seeds or visions. As the moon grows fuller and more powerful, you’ll capitalize on this building of energy into full moon, it will aid you in bringing your wishes to fruition. You could also set an intention and manifest something for your day when you arise each morning.

Try this Audio: Intro Meditation for clear seeing, neutrality and balancing

Ready to Cleanse Start Here
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Three beautiful Ways to Create Peace this Holiday Season

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 5.14.26 PM

Three beautiful Ways to Create

Peace this Holiday Season

Ah, the holidays…they can be joyful, but stressful and leave you feeling in need some rest. Set an intention to move through this season with grace and ease and avoid getting swept up in the hustle and bustle of other’s expectations or the harshness of our own. When we rush and overextend, perhaps by giving into others’ ideas of how to spend our time, we become stressed. Creating more peace and freedom depends on you, so become free by letting go of the past and become at peace by releasing the future and allow yourself to be more present by doing what feels amazing to you.

There are some simple ways that we can allow more peace and harmony to be present in our lives this holiday season.

1. Create Sacred Space.

Set up a special sacred space just for you. A place that helps you quiet your mind, soothe your soul, where you breathe deeply and meditate. I have a sacred space that I’ve created that is a temple for me. It is simply a small octagon room that exists in the turret of my building. Winter is the ideal time to go within. And December is magical month for manifesting and setting intentions for the new year. Energy builds upon itself and each time you feel good in your space, it just gets better and better. Even if you choose a corner of the home or clean your car and create an alter or a focal point of that which reminds you that you are sacred and well. In doing this, you let the universe know that you are honoring yourself here and now.

2014-05-13 11.13.07

2014-11-27 18.03.16

2. Positive Attitude

Wherever you are or whatever you do, make a powerful choice, to have a positive attitude and be stay present. Be aware of competition and judgments that you have yourself or that others are expressing. Practice being in a place of neutrality and remember that all is perfect in its own way. If someone is not pleasant, then don’t spend time with them. The time of martyrdom is over, however, if you find yourself in this situation, by being in neutral, you may simply observe it without becoming attached to it. This is why its good to meditate each morning in your sacred space and set the ‘tone’ or vibration of the day!

3. Say ‘No’.

Saying no to all the extra duties and obligations is not always a bad thing. Be a ‘yes’ Kind of Human and you’ll find that you have much more energy and service to give of yourself to others. Doing things out of obligation, never serves anyone and agreeing to everything that’s asked of us causes undue stress. People will feel it from you like a siren, even if you don’t express it. If you find yourself feeling obligated to your family, go to your sacred space more often, so that you can move through these emotions and ask what is your highest and next best step to serve. Usually, it will be to take care of yourself first, so that the good vibrations can go out into the world. Everyone will be much better off because of this.


Golden Ball technique:

This helps with number 2 and 3 and you can begin practicing this form your sacred space each day. I use this technique that keeps me centered and in neutrality. I do this by allowing myself to focus my energy into the very center of my head and see a golden ball move out slowly moving all thoughts out of my head that are not mine or not serving me. I then move the ball into a smaller size to the center of my head and keep it there as my center of neutrality and you can use any tone with your voice, if you would like. It’s a practice that has assisted me for several years now to stay out of ‘reaction mode’.


 DR Oz Explains the benefits of Sound Healing &

Crystal Singing Bowls Therapies

Sound Healing on Dr Oz, Sonic Crystal Therapy, Brain Waves States and Benefits

Sound Healing on Dr Oz, Sonic Crystal Therapy, Brain Waves States and Benefits


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