Resonate abundant joy!

Kalee and drum


Kalee plays and sings with Crystal Singing Bowls out in nature

Crystal Singing Bowls, toning and drumming in nature, Brunswick Maine

Sound Healing Treatments help…Listen

Release it, all of it now!~stress, worry & anxiety

Rebalance energetic centers in the body

Open and align one to spirit by clearing the chakras

Manage pain of pregnancy, menstruation and symptoms of illness

Deepen sleep, lesson insomnia

Balance hormones and mood swings

Move into a meditative state easily and Raise your vibrational frequency!

 Step into the Sound Healing Studio where peace, love, support, nurturing and healing in a sacred space of your highest manifestations made real!

Reserve your copy of the CD now

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and take the sound with you! 
This new CD deeply initiates the relaxation response allowing your body and mind to shift into a deep state of entrainment, balancing the Heaven and Earth energies within. Ideal for deep relaxation, headaches, insomnia, opening and releasing your chakras. Also use for meditation with your our intention. Feel the healing within your own body as the crystal singing bowls guide you deeper and deeper and deeper into your own sound journey. 
Lots of benefits and uses, but not good for driving! Recorded by Pete at Santronen Sound.
Would you like a copy of the new CD for $15? You can pre-order them!
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343 Stevens Avenue, Portland, ME 04103


This entry was posted on December 17, 2013.